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L`Artisan Parfumeur

L'Artisan Parfumeur is a world known brand whose original fragrances delight perfume connoisseurs and lovers since 1970-es. Its popularity causes a high demand to increase its presence in perfume shops, yet L'Artisan Parfumeur still adheres to its policy of exclusive distribution, and good reputation advertises the products better than any ads.

Many of L'Artisan perfumes are innovations and because of its exclusivity discovery of fragrances is mainly left to adepts.
In 1976 L'Artisan created and presented an innovative home fragrance shaped as amber ball. Each ball is handmade and contains crystals of herbal origins with smell identical to ambergris. The smell of crystals lasts for about two years, and they can be replaced with new ones afterwards.

Another innovation in the perfume world was Mûre et Musc, perfume which already in 1978 celebrated, then unusual and nowadays very popular, blackberry scent. In 1994 Premier Figuier appeared in all its beauty – the first known fig fragrance, whose composition includes the whole tree odor: leaves, branches and fruits.
It is worth exploring and getting acquainted with each of the fragrant L'Artisan Collections: the travel collection with currently three fragrances reminding of famous world perfumeries; floral collection 'Harvest Fragrances’; and, by all means, the newest entirely organic natural line which also includes body cosmetics – Jatamansi.